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In this experiment we study how people perceive different pictures. You are shown a set of different pictures with varying content. You are first asked about your possible experience in dealing with art. After that you will see a series of pictures and your task is to evaluate four different aspects of each one of them:

1) If you have seen the picture before
2) Whether or not you consider the picture to be art
3) Whether you think it is a good piece of art
4) How you feel when viewing the picture

Please focus on your own impression of the picture, there are no “correct” answers to the questions!

Completing the experiment takes about 10 minutes. Participating is voluntary and you may end the experiment at any time. All data will be analyzed confidentially. Responses are anonymous and you cannot be recognized on the basis of your responses. Only the researchers directly involved in the project can access the data.

This project is collaboration between Aalto University (Department of Art, and Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering NBE) and University of Turku, Finland. The research is conducted by Oleksandra Sushchenko (doctoral student, Department of Art), Enrico Glerean (DrTechnol, NBE), Riitta Hari (prof. emer, Department of Art), Lauri Nummenmaa (prof., University of Turku) and Helena Sederholm (prof., Department of Art).

Enquiries and comments may be sent to Oleksandra Sushchenko (
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